Saturday, February 14, 2009

goody bag

topshop dress

hanky panky bouquet

louis vuitton coin purse

marc by marc jacobs satchel

happy valentine's day!! here are a few festive goodies in honor of this LOVEly holiday. how cute would that topshop dress be paired with some bright red stingray sandals and these sunnies in white? and who can resist a pretty panty bouquet?! if you are pining over how to make this holiday special for you, when in doubt, simply pout. either way, spread the love today.

(images: eluxury, shopbop and topshop)


  1. I LOVE that dress in the first picture. So cute!

  2. the dress is adorable :)
    and wow, a panty bouquet?! haha

  3. I hope you had a great vday! OHH that topshop dress is too cute!


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