Thursday, February 5, 2009

wonder woman

(photos and quotes via town and country)
i absolutely ADORE diane von furstenberg. her philosophies about love, life and success run so parallel to my own beliefs that i feel mysteriously connected to her in some strange way. she is also very commited to helping women empower themselves -- a cause that resonates deep within me. when i saw her on the cover of this month's town and country mag, i could not wait to hear what she had to say this time:

~"i believe that a woman must have children because I think that's what we're made for -- we give life. but i do believe equally that a woman should have her own identity outside her family -- for her self-esteem, for her children, even for the respect of her husband. it's so important not to lose yourself. women must work..."

~"no man will solve your problems; no marriage or relationship will solve your problems. i've never looked for the 'right man' -- there's no such thing. the relationship that solves your problems is the relationship you have with yourself. your wholeness comes from you. your strength comes from you. once you have that, then you can have the rest, but the rest is a luxury."

~"i look at my wrinkles, and every wrinkle is a souvenir; it's a moment i have lived. i don't want to erase any of the moments i have lived."

~"every rejection is fuel for what you will be -- wanting to show you that you're better than that. you need to feel small in order to be big."

this final quote is my favorite.


  1. ditto.
    check her out on the cover of purple.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. What an inspirational woman!

  3. Wow - what a poingant lady. I especially enjoyed the second quote on relationships. That is something we should all know, but need to be reminded from time to time :) That one really brought me back to reality...


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