Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cute suits

i am sorry i have been absent from posting this week! i have had a busy week filling lots of orders and catching up from being out of town. but, i've managed to find enough time to scour the internet for some cute suits. ever since i was little i have had a bathing suit obsession. i started collecting them when i was about 11 and would go off to camp longhorn on the lake every summer. well, my collection has grown old and it's time to bring in some replacements. what do you think? i wish i could have them all...


  1. katie - that matthew williamson bikini would be soo cute on you! you need it for the lake :)

  2. i wish i had seen this post before my trip to Maui. great choices here! xo

  3. The bathing suit and matthew williamson bikini are stunning!
    x Laura

  4. I like the ruffle one...wouldn't look so cute on me, but the model looks adorable :-)


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