Friday, April 17, 2009


ashlee simpson

rachel mcadams

lindsay lohan

linda evangelista

coming across these pictures the other day made me remember how much i used to covet linda evangelista's fiery red hair when i was younger. i started dying my hair when i was about 14, and it has been everything from black to platinum blonde over the years. but, i never mustered up the courage to go full on RED. now, with a little encouragement from my boyfriend, i am thinking of taking the plunge. i pulled a few of my all-time favorite redheaded looks and we are going to check out this wig salon over the weekend to get an idea of what i might look like.

what do you think, should i go for it??


  1. yes, yes go for it! I wish I could pull this color off :-)

  2. Just happened upon your blog... and thought I'd comment about this. I have been most colors of the rainbow it seems and have recently taken the plunge into the redhead world and I have LOVED it. I say go for it you already haven't!

  3. Hi Lindley! I've been admiring your work and your blog for some time now.. I've never been a redhead myself but I love the way red hair looks and how it can be combined with other colors (fashionwise) :) so I say, go for it :) I'd also love to know if it would be possible to organize shipping to Croatia.. I'd be thrilled to be able to buy that Laura ring, I adore it.. Does the fact that the island of Korcula is in Croatia help at all? ;) Thanks so much for the reply. Sanja from Zagreb

  4. You should absolutely do it. I was red for high school and never loved my hair as much as I did then. I'm actually thinking about going back to it, too!

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