Thursday, April 16, 2009

ribbon 'do's

photos: tfs
remember when i said i wanted to dress my korcula models in ribbon twisted 'do's a while back? well, it looks like matthew williamson beat me to it. check out a few of the ad's for his limited edition collection for H&M. how fabulous are the grosgrain ribbons around the model's feet?

i cannot believe i am going to miss out on this collaboration. how can houston not have an H&M?!?!

p.s.- i once sipped margaritas in a hammock on the beach in these photos. the secret spot? tulum, mexico. and it is every bit as beautiful in person as it is in the pics.


  1. gorgeous! and i wish i was in tulum right now. i hear it is SPECTACULAR!

  2. we always get the short end of the stick in the south when it comes to fashion:(
    LOVE the ribbon AND Matthew Williamson.

  3. i love these pics! and yes, i agree...I can't understand for the life of me why houston doesn't have H&M...


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