Thursday, May 14, 2009

to my mother

happy birthday to my mother. mom, i admire you so much and am so grateful for all that you have taught me over the years. you are my best friend. thank you for giving me the freedom to be independent, while instilling strong values and leading by example. your accomplishments and hard work in your lifetime are inspiring, and your positive attitude contagious. i am proud to call you my mother. have a wonderful day!
*photo of my mom her senior year of high school


  1. What a beautiful bday message to your mom! She sure did raise a special and classy lady :-)

    Send her my birthday wishes!!!

  2. your mom is a KNOCKOUT, just like you!!!!

  3. She is beautiful and that was such a sweet message!! Happy Birthday Mrs. Bertin!!

  4. Happy Birthday Nancy. You have done a wonderful job as a mother! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. XO Rachael

  5. Wonderful words of homage Lyn. I second a big happy birthday to Mrs. Bertin for being the mother of all mothers. Another pecan tartlette for me because the night's still young !


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