Thursday, June 11, 2009

the looks of leighton

is it just me or did anyone else swoon over leighton meester in louis vuitton at the MET costume institute gala? that plunging neckline, the poofy sleeves, sequin/spandex leggings and velvet platforms with ballerina-esque bows and pearl embellishments?! i was floored by this look.

also completely captivated by this bow back YSL number with the classic cage heel:

and possibly my favorite look, in emilio de la morena at the MTV movie awards:

i personally prefer this edgy chic to the headband clad blair waldorf, but that's just me.

photos here


  1. i wasn't gaga for look number 1, but i think she is gorgeous and divine! and LOVE the last look! gorgeous sex kitten, but not tacky and slutty. perfect!

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