Wednesday, June 17, 2009

meet oscar

taking a brief moment away from fashion to introduce you to my dog, oscar, a.k.a "oscie" (the little guy on the right with the beard). he frequently lays at my feet while i am working and blogging, snorting heavily and snuggling fondly. he brings me joy and companionship and deserves a debut on korculastyle.

a view from the rear...i couldn't let you miss out on the adorable french bulldog, toulouse.

**photos taken on the john boat memorial day weekend at my good friend's lake house on lake forest falls. the dogs almost outnumbered the humans and quite possibly had even more fun than we did.


  1. HAHA! Show a close up of Oscies face

  2. That's just great. Dogs jump at the chance for rides I love it. Next is skydiving !

    And I liken the 1st pic to that of good ole GW crossing the Delaware - monumental.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! How cute are those pups?! Come back soon!!! We miss yall xxoo

  4. I LOVE OSCIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aww, so adorable! More Oscar pics, please :)

  6. LOL - how did I miss that one??? Toulouse and Oscar together on a boat! So cute. The only thing missing is Maddie!


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