Sunday, August 16, 2009

this is life in austin

i am extrememly honored to be mentioned on lyssa's fabulous blog this is life in austin. check her out and read her write-up on korcula!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

follow me

follow me on twitter. do you really care what i'm doing? probably not. but i will attempt to provide you with some interesting info as i tweet.


hello. i am sorry for my absence in posting lately...but, i am back with big news...

ok everyone. listen up. become a follower of not only because this blog is cleverly written and full of interesting content, but because these girls are introducing you to a sustainable brand of badass ankole cow horn jewelry (i have seen their first round of product in person, and let me tell you, i flipped over these pieces) crafted to build a rwandan manufacturing business (see their bucket theory). the idea is genius, the pieces are unique and beautiful, and the project is humanitarian in nature. follow them on their journey to build their brand, and be on the lookout for a korcula/kora design fusion in the future. i am truly honored to work with these girls.