Friday, January 21, 2011

she's got legs

today i am very much in need of this pair of legs. husband thinks they're weird, i think they are kitschy and sexy in all the right ways. don't know where i'd put them...maybe in my office, as soon as we have enough space for my own.
fabulous legs a la kelly wearstler.


  1. I want these legs. I need these legs.

    Lindley, hello I'm Mo. This is totally creepy, but I went to college with Jason, saw your guys' wedding pic on facebook, and somehow am now a reader of your blog. I think maybe Kristen Sussman told me you had one, because I have one too. My boyfriend Will (another DU guy) and I just moved to Austin this summer. Anyway, wanted to say hello, congratulations, and I'm a follower/fan of your blog. Hello to your Mr.!



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