Monday, February 28, 2011

from chicago...

i had one of the most fun weekends of my life these last few days in chicago. it snowed two out of the three days we were there providing one last true wintry experience before the onset of humidity here in houston. we had unbelievable meals including one of the best bloody mary's i've ever had at the RL restaurant. the interior of the place is so cool, i am still bummed i didn't take the time to accurately capture the decor. we caught a blues band in lincoln park saturday night and i literally felt like i had stepped back in time...the elysian hotel did not disappoint giving us the option to upgrade into our suite with balcony and ridiculous view of snow and architecture. i got my room service fix ordering multiple grilled cheese sandwiches and fries throughout the weekend. here is what i wore:
-in the elysian lobby in my beloved alex wang cape
-walking the streets in my new topshop coat and burberry hat. nordstrom tights. homemade fingerless gloves (which work perfectly with the shorter sleeves on the coat)
-food at balsan - restaurant in the elysian
-trying on hats in brooks brothers. my lumberjack-chic look.
-our balcony
-at the bean
-fun in the photography section of the art institute
-wine at fred's above barney's wearing my new rag and bone blazer, bvlgari and vintage rings and my arnoldy family crest pendant i received as a wedding gift
-the back of my new blazer - sheer ribbing and sheer sleeves. so cool. also love this chanel bag for its ability to have a long strap.
-street style and alleyways. hat found on ebay. jeffrey campbel nation h boots.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

chi town bound

images via the blonde salad

tomorrow morning at this time my husband and i will be boarding the plane for chicago with my lovely in-laws including brother-in-law and our rambunctious always-down-for-a-good-time mutual single friend. all headed out to see my other brother-in-law. for outfit inspiration i am pulling from the adorable "newcomer of the year" chiara, blogger behind the blonde salad. packing lots of tights, shorts, hats, blouses and big coats. things i am looking forward to:
-vosges chocolate on the plane
 -staying here and warming up to the in-room fireplace
-ordering room service in bed
-brunches with copious amounts of wine and mimosas
-dinners at la madia and rad mexican dive chilapan
-blasting the new adele album on my ipad until husband is maxed out
-testing out my new homemade fingerless gloves constructed from an old pair of tights
-post brunch tipsy shopping excursions and museum explorations
-catching up with an old friend and my awesome new brother and documenting it all with my new lens

plenty of pics when i return...have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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what i wouldn't do for any one of these pieces from the pamela love spring 2011 lookbook. i don't think i've been so obsessed with an entire collection since...well, ever.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


currently inspired by: hats and spiked heels, beachy waves, vintage, nudes/monochrome/ethereal, long hair and all things edgy.

(b/c i'm addicted, fashiontoast, elements of style, greige, ilovewildfox)

Monday, February 21, 2011

through your eyes

zara top, urban outfitters shorts, jeffrey campell nation h bootie, chanel bag

weekend fun with the new lens! i am excited to start doing some outfit posts and i promise the quality will improve as we become more aquainted with the manual settings. i need to take into to SLR course - i am a little rusty. i nabbed these boots for only $45 on shopbop with the use of a gift certificate but really want the detachable harness that some are sold with (see here).  i haven't been able to find one that is sold individually but if anyone out there knows - fess up please!

Friday, February 18, 2011


if i were to get to go back and do it again...i would have done it wearing this. i love natalia vodianova. courtesy of tom ford.

i'm off to do some much needed spring shopping. what are your plans this weekend? happy friday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


cone like shaped spikes = soft enough of a hard core biker/goth/whathaveyou for me to wear with ease. ugh. i need this. 

ps - this is a bracelet, not a necklace. just thought i should specify as hubs thought it was the other way around. yikes.

buy it here.

ode to james

i actually forgot how much i used to love james (pre jaime) king until i came across some of these photos while digging through fashion archives. i used to have pictures of her taped to the wall of my dorm room (redlands girls? shot out?) she encompasses that heroin-chic-waif-like-90's-grunge look, which i think actually makes this post relevant since there was alot of that going down the runways at fashion week.

(photos here and here via tfs)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


this spring i want to wear lots of flowy baby doll dresses with platform sandals worn with socks.... or pretty shoes with big flowers....

and clutches adorned in feathers... and of course, booties and shorts.
(images via cherry blossom girl and greige)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

alex wang rtw 2011

photos via
this last one is my favorite. alex wang does it again. the abundance of fur is said to be poking fun at decadence and luxury.
seeing alot of those pointed toe flat elf-like shoes on the runways...kinda cool.

Monday, February 14, 2011

rubies and red wine

some favorites: new moschino leather skirt with metal flower detailing, j brand shorts, stella mccartney a-line skirt, alice and olivia rosette sleeve top, alex wang cape

super 80's lipshade stolen from my mom called revlon orange flip. vintage escada blouse
  a friend's ruby ring from iran
new shoes worn everyday since arrival sunday night grammys outside at royal oak houston