Wednesday, February 9, 2011

love, yurman

i entered a picture from our honeymoon into the love, yurman valentine's day contest. 10 pictures will be entered to win based on the number of votes they have. the winners are supposed to win jewelry, but i am thinking...just maybe...i might get a chance to meet the designer? if you have time, please stop by and vote for our picture. we need to get into the top 10! you can vote once a day, so if you are feeling extra kind, go back tomorrow and do it again (it has to be a full 24 hours before you can re-vote). thank you for your support. VOTE HERE

*this image was self taken by timer on mnemba island in east africa.


  1. just voted! that picture is so romantic!
    i lived in east africa- kenya and tanzania -for 6 months in college for study abroad! i love it there!

  2. thank you Mo! i cannot believe you lived there.


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