Wednesday, March 30, 2011

singapore day 3

helmut lang sweater, marc jacobs bikini, topshop bag. k jaques sandals
DVF dress, topshop boots

had my first official "singapore sling" last night at the historic raffles hotel; it was pretty gross. alot like a hurricane on bourban street, only with gin. bleh. however, the hotel itself is absolutely amazing. after our little pre-dinner sugar excursion (well, actually husband was smart enough to order a martini, i was jealous) we cabbed it all the way to chinatown for some italian food. ironic. but delicious!

had to truck around my big chanel all night in order to fit the camera and the guide book (being the shameless tourists that we are) and was reminded of how badly i need a large neutral bag. was previously smitten with this mulberry alexa but have recently developed a new affection for the metalasse miu miu. i have had the opportunity to try it on repeatedly on the trip seeing as there are about three miu miu stores in a one block radius. hard to believe the amount of consumption on this island...   

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY project: feather back chair

came across this insane feather back chair in christian dior yesterday and had a little bit of a moment. how amazing would this be at a vanity or in a bathroom?! apparently there were only about 35 made but i am thinking with the right glue and the right ostrich i could make the 36th addition.

pineapple express

pink is in. first pink lips, then pink pants, now pink purse. spotted this fruity little number at the kate spade in singapore today and did a little dance. it may be the cutest thing i've ever laid eyes on. i want to toughen it up with a black leather skirt and heels.

singapore day 2

marina bay sands light + water show
singapore skyline at night
travel essentials. yonka toner + kiehls lip balm
bright pink manicure + my morning coffee
noodles for breakfast
tucker blouse. stone cold fox lace bloomers
my version of chloe. via topshop

after further investigation, i have discovered that i was right. this city is full of retail. and there are two of everything. topshop across the street from topshop, hermes across from hermes, cartier across from cartier. but aside from all of this there is also some of the most lush and tropical vegetation i have ever seen, and the most gracious people i have ever encountered. what a lovely culture.

note: if you are ever in singapore, go to takashimaya. it is the best department store i have ever set foot in!

on the agenda tonight: cocktails at the sky bar overlooking the city and chili crab, a singapore specialty. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

singapore day 1

my new passport cover from kuhl linscomb
new kate spade travel make-up bag
adorable striped clutches at prada. can one of you come home with me please!?
desolate streets.
hotel infinity pool + singapore skyline.
prada shades i rediscovered while packing. they border between grandma and futuristic in an awesome way.

after a looong twenty hour flight we made a very early arrival in singapore. the jet lag and lack of solid sleep on the plane is making for a somewhat unproductive first day (in addition to the fact that most everything is still closed at this hour) so i though i'd take the opportunity to give you all a little update. so far i can sum the city up in one word: retail. lots and lots of it. though i know this place has alot more to offer...

on another note, i am becoming quite the travel pro being lucky enough to do so much of it lately. i have started posting travel tips on twitter (i.e. what to wear, pack, etc) that can be helpful and useful. if you're interested, you can follow me here. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

snap happy

and we're off! on a new adventure to a never-before-seen-by-me continent and i could not be more excited. hoping to look as lovely as brigitte and elisa with camera in tow as i explore this unseen territory and delve into a new culture. have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, March 25, 2011


friday inspiration: red chiffon/oxfords + suspenders/big big hair/chains/theopenair/sheer/gold + fur + platinum blond/high waisted retro bikinis/the era of the supermodel/polka dots + kisses/brigitte bardot + winged liner/turbans.

happy friday. it has been an inspirational week. tomorrow i am off to singapore...i am so excited for a new adventure and will be strapping my nikon across my body to capture it all.   

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hanneli mustaparta

how adorable is hanneli mustaparta in this stella mccartney jacket, tory burch purse and office platforms worn with socks (from cvs!)? i am all about this sock + platform look (when paired with a babydoll silhouette) last seen here. check out all of her looks for vogue's 5 days, 5 looks, 1 girl here and her amazing blog here. she's one stylish chick.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

bohemian dreams.

currently very inspired by: navajo/crochet/pucci spring rtw/hats/fringe/boho jewelry/hippies.
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on the rocks

obsessed with all things navajo/fringe/boho/crochet lately (further proof in an upcoming post) including these little "margarita" numbers over at stone cold fox. i could (and just might) live in these babies all summer.  

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

inspired by: elizabeth taylor (RIP)

on the set of suddenly, last summer
etiole by isabal marant
butterfield 8

carine gilson chemise
circa 1974
emilio pucci spring RTW 2011
donning a boyish cut and a leopard one piece

lanvin bikini (see VS version here)
my favorite: classic high waist + halter

norma kamali bikini

rest in peace, elizabeth taylor. to everything from your love affair with jewelry, your tumultous, inspiring, can't-live-without-you love with richard burton, to your philanthropic generosity. you will be missed.

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