Friday, March 18, 2011


not the usual length of my friday inspiration posts, but i was really moved by this photograph of an icelandic volcano eruption via my modern art. this would make an amazing piece framed on a wall.

sxsw is proving to be incredible. shook hands with JB of WSP in the W bar last night and saw a live one hour taping. happy friday!!



  1. I love horse paintings!! Check out the "Horses of Sable Island" AMAZING!!! You will want one!!

  2. mer - you're right!! i want want for our casita at the farm. its perfect.

  3. I knew you'd love them!! Ryan and I almost bought 2 a while back in NYC and now we wish we had. At the time I was in the midst of moving and I wanted to wait until I got a little more settle :( But a big one is definitely going somewhere in my home soon! :) It'll be PERFECT for the casita!


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