Friday, April 15, 2011


friday inspiration: blake lively in lace/attitude/boho missoni/vanessa lorenzo/maison michel hats/vintage photos on the beach/VS models prepping/majestic forests/where i need and want to be.

happy weekend. we don't have much on the calendar other than a family dinner tonight and a celebratory birthday dinner for a friend tomorrow. what are your weekend plans?

(via frenchfrosting, lifeofaboheme, hardtoexplain, monicarose, littleplastichorses, stardustandsequins, ilovewildfox, missmoss)


  1. That hammock is perfection!!

  2. Blake lively is so beautiful we love her !

    KIsses from France.

    O & M

  3. I'm officially in love with your blog, you have posted up Blake Lively and she is my woman icon, total goddess so thank you ahaha! lovelyyy blog btw dear and you are too gorgeousss!!!!xoxo


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