Friday, April 29, 2011


friday inspiration: brigitte bardot/knit dresses + lace up boots/kate moss in big hair, winged eyeliner + a topshop playsuit/bulky knits/belted rompers/anja in the balmains + a trench/brigitte look alike in paris/kelly green/the yellow celine shopper at coachella/white denim done right and stylishly.

happy friday! we are headed out to the farm yet again for more relaxation, pool time, cooking and chilling out. what are your weekend plans?

(ilovewildfox, frenchfrosting, littleplastichorses/altamira/thesartorialist)


  1. I'm on the search for the perfect pair of white denim skinny jeans with a little bit of give... if you happen to come across the PERFECT one, please let me know. Love you!!

  2. So funny mar I am looking for the EXACT same thing! I usually wear J Brands. Let's go shopping for some next week!?


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