Monday, April 11, 2011

a farm trip

paninis by the pool
the orchard where we were married
fresh veggies from the farmers market
oscie aka "swamp thing" (he was pretty mangy by the end of the trip)
our first attempt at a homemade pizze made in the outdoor pizza oven
a field of tiny yellow flowers

our weekend at the farm turned into a different kind of affair with a variety of guests throughout our time there. we had a blast spending most of saturday in the pool with my cousin and his wife and their adorable and beautiful 17 month old girl. we experimented a bit with the new outdoor pizza kitchen (have a bit to learn on homemade pizzas) and made some delicious paninis as a back up. our other friends arrived late in the afternoon and we ended the day with some pasta and fresh vegetables and an intense drawn out game of scrabble.

it is so lovely to have such a beautiful retreat so close to us in houston. i love waking up early to the locusts and chirping birds and closing the evening with the red orange sunset and starry night sky. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip...I almost feel like I was there :)


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