Wednesday, April 27, 2011

recreate: ferragamo ad campaign

if you follow me, it is no secret to you by now that i love and live in shorts. another little tidbit about me it that i also have a serious obsession with silk. i think the fabric is extremely elegant and lays so well on the body. on top of all of that i'm into the 70's vibe, so naturally when i saw the latest ferragamo ad i became obsessed with recreating the ensemble. to get this look, pair this equipment blouse (they run large so size down) with these rebecca minkoff shorts. accesorize with this belt and these shades and you're ready to go. shorts with silk shirts and heels is my summer jam!

hint: to really get this vibe, unbutton shirt 3-4 buttons and slap on a pair of commando low beams. you may also need some double sided tape to hold your blouse in place.

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  1. Girl - if I had the body, I'd be recreating that every day!! Why are you not a model?!


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