Wednesday, April 13, 2011


a lipstick red silk velvet for a bench in our bedroom
deep navy blue as a possible contender for some custom living chairs
its opponent, a handsome gray flannel
another option : a lighter hued blue with a sheen
the underlying linen printed fabric is for custom euro shams; the silk pewter for throw pillows and the chocolate brown for our custom headboard

i am getting increasingly excited about the progress of our apartment. it has been nothing short of a work in progress and anyone who has had a hand in the interior design for a space will know it is never over. there is always one more thing to add, one more thing to tweak, another thing to change (i.e., the paint color in our bedroom which has only been up for 6 months). i love the direction we are headed and the uniqueness we will have with all of the thought we have put into each fabric and each and every piece we buy.

note: our headboard should arrive tomorrow! stay tuned for the finished product...


  1. ooo i love the colors! the lipstick red will turn out stunning!

  2. oh I love this process! I recently went to the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles to look for fabric and was truly amazed by the number of fabric vendors - we should head there for sure when you come visit! I was able to find some AMAZING deals!


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