Friday, May 6, 2011


balenciaga heels/kate moss shot by testino in brazil/leather skirts/the maison michel pink hat/thigh highs + miu miu babydoll dress last seen here/old school oliva in braids/party idea: parfaits in champagne glasses/black and white stripes with a pop of purple.

happy friday. what are you up to this weekend, babes? we are headed out to...wait for it...the farm! we are celebrating a company party and i hear there will be everything from a hot air balloon to a live band. i can't wait for all of the festivites. have a great weekend!

(oraclefox, jakandjil, frenchfrosting, littleplastichorses)

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  1. i'm stuck at home, but your fashion pics are good than a night out :)
    hugs from italy!


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