Friday, May 13, 2011


currently very inspired by: colorful + tropical kate shot by testino in brazil/maxi pleated dresses + skirts + bright colors/mongolian fur jackets over silk slip dresses/always + forever linda evangelista/ralph lauren ruffles and lace/beachy blues + hues/bohemian gisele.

happy friday to all. not much on the agenda here other than a possible DIY project, drinks with friends, and a day trip to ATX for some killer seafood. what are your weekend plans, dudettes? anything special to share?

side note: one of these days i may muster up the courage to chop my 'do a la linda evangelista. she is so stunning.

(oraclefox, littleplastichorses, ilovewildfox, luellaandjune, oscarprgirl)


  1. I love your hair...don't cut it! You'll want it to grow back in a month and you will not be happy when it takes two years to get it back! Other than that, I love all these pics! Love all the colors....I'm searching for a good yellow dress at the moment, you know of any?

  2. don't worry, i dont think i'd ever have the courage to do it. i'll save it for my older lady 'do :)

  3. p.s. - i'll keep my eye out for a yellow dress !

  4. Oh so bummed I missed you in ATX!! I was in Omaha for an entreprenuer conference anyway, but dangit!! Next time you're here, call!! :)

  5. kelly: we were only there for brunch and then drove straight back! i will def call the next time i'm there for longer though - you do the same when you're coming to houtson! xo


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