Friday, July 8, 2011

**giveaway** fibi and clo

hailing from the great state of texas and currently residing in NYC, fibi and clo is the creative brainchild of designer and native southerner Analiza Alba, and by far the most striking line of sandals i have ever seen with a $45 price tag. like, i'm talking, these babies were once mistaken for giuseppe zanotti's. it's no secret i love this line {see here} based on it's sheer beauty, but the company also strongly supports women starting their own businesses, a mission i stand behind. fibi and clo gives women the opportunity to become fashion agents for the line at no cost and eliminates the pressures of recruiting other agents, thus allowing them to focus entirely on the product.

today, as an inaugural kick-off to the flip side, fibi and clo and i would like to offer you a chance to win a free pair of bright star sandals. all you have to do is like them on facebook to enter. the winner will be announced next friday. good luck!


  1. looooved the cascading (?) sandals by them you posted a while back. i would have snatched up a pair of those in a heartbeat but it's a pity they don't make smaller sizes! (i'm a size 5... ridiculous, i know)


  2. Couldn't help but see your post. We do have size 5's in that style only. We don't post it on the website because its a show exclusive, but feel free to email us at

  3. I want to win this giveaway!! I already follow them in facebook :p

  4. i will make sure you are entered!

  5. liked on facebook @sun chicka



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