Friday, July 15, 2011


a little friday love: loving this color combo: coral + navy/black leather skinnies/more shaggy furs over silk slip dresses/braids, knit gloves and thigh highs/always erin wasson/rosie in silver + a killer fur vest.

we are headed out the door to the big easy for a weekend of non-stop fun. i am excited for lots of yummy meals, tasty cocktails and a little live music. what are your weekend plans? follow me here for lots o' twitpics and updates throughout the weekend. xx


  1. LOVING all these pics, especially the first one!! That coral and navy combo is perfection!

    Have a fun and EASY weekend!! :)

    xoxo, Mar

  2. love ALL the looks...never get bored of the leather pants and the faux fur jackets!


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