Friday, November 4, 2011

furry boots---------------------------------------------------------

i'm not ususally one for furry boots, but we spend part of our winters in snowy aspen and with the negative temps, sometimes they are an appealing option. and i mean honestly, if you are going to go this route, why not go for a pair of furry antelope cowboy boots? sooo lloyd christmas chic. dressing up in aspen is so fun because despite the chilly weather, style is not compromised. i look for interesting sweaters like this one with shoulder detailing by roberto cavalli, cute boots, classic denim (i think lighter wash is making a come back), and stylish accessories. shop my picks here:
1. roberto cavalli wool sweater here
2. burberry checked cashmere scarf here
3.  mother the looker skinny jeans here
4.  proenza ps1 here
5. mou fur cowboy boots here  


  1.'re killing me. I adore this fall outfit! Unfortunately, I will only be able to afford a couple of things on this shopping list lol... The sweater is to die for!


  2. This outfit is gorgeous - right down to the furry boots!

  3. Love the whole outfit, my favorite is the sweater.

  4. awesome outfit!
    bag and the sweater <3


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