Monday, April 2, 2012

new in: givenchy

i have been swooning over these lovelies ever since i saw the stunning russian beauty, natalia vodianova, traipse into the westin bar during paris fashion week and say in the most beautiful accent, "i am looking for my children - did they come in here?" having been completely enamored with supermodels since about age 6, i knew exactly who she was and was completely starstruck. it was my most exciting sighting yet while in paris (next to seeing karl lagerfeld later at the ritz bar vendome). as i gave her the once over, my eyes came to a complete halt upon her toes. what are those? tom ford, i thought? 

i couldn't wait to share the news of my latest run in with my paris partner-in-crime, cinched at the waist. we met up moments later and headed across the street to the jardin des tuileries for the valentino show. as we stood around in the gravel slush that ken downing had just told us resembled nothing short of a frappucino when it rains in paris, the photographers began buzzing and swarming around at the latest celebrity making way into the show. we turned to see natalia, walking in on her beautiful stilts...

cinched  later informed me, after conducting some research, that they were in fact, givenchy. and this weekend, i bought them in white.


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