Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chicago photo diary

my apologies for the less than stellar image quality, but wanted to give you a little recap of our weekend in Chicago. the top pic is the view from the Trump Tower, which is definitely quite a view, but with $25 cocktails and glasses of vino i'm not sure it was that good. i would, however, recommend brunch at Nellcote, and bottle service at Paris Club, especially when DJ Havana Brown and Pitbull are on the scene. that was an awesome surprise. oh and a late night pit stop at a blues bar in a semi-sketchy part of town. 

the table settings at the wedding were some of the prettiest i have ever seen (go figure, my friend has excellent taste). i particularly loved the hollowed out artichoke hearts filled with candles, and the juxtaposition of the contemporary tables with the organic centerpieces was right on. 

in the second photo i am wearing a dress by Custo Barcelono that has insanely long straps which i am not exactly sure how to tie so i decided to wrap the excess around my neck for a '90's choker sort of vibe. i think it turned out well. 

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