Monday, December 17, 2012

buying time

when it comes to beauty products, i am a sucker for a good marketing campaign and pretty packaging. if you tell me it is a cream developed from a magical sea kelp harvested once a year, i will believe you, and slather it on my skin daily waiting for something miraculous to occur. unfortunately, after experiment upon experiment and countless dollars spent, there was no big miracle, no ah-ha moment. 

that is, until i discovered vbeauté Buying Time. after my interview with Julie Macklowe, the founder of  vbeauté, her team sent over an It Kit and naturally i started testing out the various products. i was looking for an intense moisturizing cream that would not cause me to break out, a task much more difficult than it seems. within about a week of using Buying Time, my miracle started taking shape. my skin is brighter, more even and glowing. 

i am obsessed. 

seriously, ladies. this stuff is magical. 

get some


  1. So it is really betternthan creme de la mer? I need to try it!

  2. You know, I have tried this and it was so pleasant to the skin. I gave it to my colleague at work to try it. Now all of us at are using only it.


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