Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2013 Couture

i adore the Russian beauty, designer and photographer, Ulyana Sergeenko. i first saw her outside of a show at the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris and was immediately taken by her unique beauty and playful nature. she is playful not only in her style of dress but also in her demeanor, with her coy expressions and elusive behavior. she noticed me watching her diligently and paused to give me a warm smile and a little pose, so to give me the opportunity to finish admiring her. it didn't feel narcissistic or boastful, rather, i felt as though she had a heightened sense of awareness regarding exactly why she was there and what she was doing; she was playing with fashion. 

this is my favorite part of fashion - the fact that clothing can transform your feelings. who do you want to be today? how would you like to feel? do you want to be ladylike, demure, sexy, cool, funky, childlike, or edgy? and the list goes on. 

what i love about Ulyana is that she wants to take you back in time, which she further proved with her spring 2013 couture collection. with Gone with the Wind and Huck Finn as the inspiration for her second couture show, she brought us romantic and fluid silks with ruffled knickers and beautiful waist-cinching one pieces. if i could only have the look from the first image, i would never want for more. 

though she may be critiqued for being overly theatrical, i applaud her vision and approach to fashion. i personally adore clothing that borders on costume, without crossing over the line. to me, this is where you can associate fashion with art, because it is infused with so much skill and imagination.

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